The devotees of Shri Atmananda Swamiji have recorded his voice in cassettes while he was preaching. Some of them are made available here;

Audio recodrings of Shri Swami Atmananda Guruji

#Name Play Download Format
1 Casset-01 Side A MP3
2 Casset-01 Side B MP3
3 Casset-02 Side A MP3
4 Casset-02 Side B MP3
5 Casset-03 Side A MP3
6 Casset-03 Side B MP3
7 Casset-04 Side A MP3
8 Casset-04 Side B MP3
9 Casset-05 Side A MP3
10 Casset-05 Side B MP3
11 Casset-06 Side A MP3
12 Casset-06 Side B MP3
13 Casset-07 Side A MP3
14 Casset-07 Side B MP3
15 Casset-09 Side A MP3
16 Casset-09 Side B MP3
17 Casset-10 Side A MP3
18 Casset-10 Side B MP3
19 Casset-11 Side A MP3
20 Casset-11 Side B MP3
21 Casset-12 Side A MP3
22 Casset-12 Side B MP3
23 Casset-14 Side A MP3
24 Casset-14 Side B MP3
25 Casset-15 Side A MP3
26 Casset-15 Side B MP3
27 Casset-16 Side A MP3
28 Casset-16 Side B MP3
29 Casset-17 Side A MP3
30 Casset-17 Side B MP3
31 Casset-18 Side A MP3
32 Casset-18 Side B MP3
33 Casset-19 Side A MP3
34 Casset-19 Side B MP3

Audio recodrings of S S Kurubar

#Name Play Download Format
1 Recorded in Dharawad
Dated 5.1.2015
2 Recorded in Dharwad
Dated 28-12-2014
3 Recorded in Gundenatti
Dated 18-10-2014
4 Recorded in Gundenatti
Dated 19-10-2014